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Irregular Art Mosaic 013 Series Natural face >>Amount  4 item

013 Series Natural face:As the most distinctive & competitive mosaic products of Milestone, the Irregular Art Mosaic is becoming the most popular art form and trend for the commercial and residential decoration because of its uniqe design, rich color, plump curve, exquisite taction, high taste...

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013 Series  Natural face

Item NO : MSATM0082
MS 013T Natural Travertine Mosaic Tile

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013 Series  Natural face

Item NO : MSATM0083
MS 013V Natural Volakus Marble Art Mosaic

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Milestone produces different irregular art mosaic in the shape of big & small wave, big & small bread, basket wave,I-shape, homocentric, stepped square, natural split, half-column, triangle,chain...Welcome to Milestone's Irregular Art Mosaic Gallery for more selection.
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