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How to install Mosaic Tiles with help of a mesh screen?


If you wish to place attractive mosaic tiles in your home, then install them on your own with help of the given below installation technique.

Everyone loves to design their homes with beautiful mosaic tiles. Ideally, you should sketch a rough layout of the design on a piece of paper. The sketch will give you a visual representation of the mosaic design. The mosaic pattern is really delicate and any kind of misplacement can ruin the look of your floors or walls. Hence, you should lay the tiles on a mesh wire before adhering them on the tiling surface.

The given below steps will help you in laying the mosaic tiles on the wire mesh

1Firstly, place the wired mesh on the sheet of paper on which you laid the mosaic design. Hence, the wired screen will ease the process of placing the tiles on your sketched mosaic pattern. Your sketched design should be drawn with finesse, so that there no confusion while adhering the tiles on the floors.

2Now, place the respective tiles on the mesh screen and glue them simultaneously so that the mosaic tile pattern is a replica of your visual interpretation.

3Then, bring a tape and drape the tile pattern with help of the tape. You should cover the top of each tile with help of the masking tape and overlap their ends together. Now, press the tape on the mess wire to increase the cohesiveness.

4Now, flip the wire mesh and apply glue to the back of each and every tile. You can also use a spatula to spread the glue on all the tiles in a uniform manner.

5After gluing the tiles, flip the mess again and paste the pattern on the tiling surface. You should press the mesh on the surface so that the tiles adhere to the surface with perfection. You should press the mesh gently to create a vacuum between the caulk and the surface. Keep the pattern untouched for few days so that the tiles become all the more cohesive.

Hence, the above steps will help you in installing highly attractive mosaic tiles in your homes.

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